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Fall Banquet:

Joan Fasanello

"Kindness is contagious," said Joan Fasanello, Life Choices director.  "Together we have been reaching out to women with great kindness and compassion saving lives! You are part of a very successful team, a team we call Life Choices!"  

       We look forward to expanding our services, improving or out reach and most importantly, to holding even more beautiful babies who otherwise would not have been born. "Lets break down the walls of apathy in our own hearts and save even more beautiful babies!"




Grandma's House News

Life Choices' New Website:

For news and inormation regarding the progress of our latest program, Grandma's House, a home for those who are pregnant and homeless please go to:

Grandma's House

Grandma's House will include a childcare center, providing for families who are required to work hours other than 9-5. There is a great need for this in our community!  Childcare facilities, today, are a lucrative business. This income will be used to become self-supporting.  Our expectation is to increase enrollment & achieve self sufficiency.
Every year over 600 women walk through the doors of Life Choices, a non-profit that provides women and families with necessities like diapers, clothing, preliminary medical services, and emotional support.  These women are referred to Life Choices from private or government agencies, through word of mouth, or sometimes by accident. Defeat and hopelessness  emanating from their eyes, some of the women who come to Life Choices are living with domestic violence, sleeping in cars, or wander from friend to friend.  They seek a safe haven, but lack the resources and information needed to break the cycle of desperation.
Grandma’s house will provide shelter and care for pregnant or homeless women with children, while also helping them to grow, learn, and achieve independence.   to all women regardless of race, religion, age or marital status are welcome. Grandma’s House will not only provide a safe home, but also rehabilitation and
child-care. Women will be offered a specialized caring approach that recognizes their individuality through a personalized plan based on their situation in life.  Our staff includes licensed medical professionals for counseling as well asvolunteer mentors. Employment and/ or enrollment in an educational program will be a requirement for all residents. Life Choices will use its business network to help those in need of employment.
Women will be able to live in the home until they reach their personal goals and are on a path to a successful, independent life. An onsite child-care center will be open day and night to accommodate residents’ work schedules. Additionally, the child-care center will be open to the general public at competitive rates in an effort to cover house expenses.

The facility is 15,860-square-feet in size with three floors and a basement.  Originally built as a convent in 1965, there are 33 rooms, shared bathrooms, two kitchens, multiple living rooms, and a chapel. While engineers have assessed this solid- brick building as structurally sound, it has been abandoned for seven years resulting in multiple needed renovations.  Among the most important are heating, plumbing, roofing, and sprinkler system repairs. There are also cracked windows, peeling paint, kitchen issues, and more; but with your donation, our vision for a home can become a reality.  
Will you consider making Grandma's House a reality?

Your generosity will make a difference in the lives of many mothers and children. They are desperately searching for hope and you can be a driving  force in giving that to them. To donate or call Joan Fasanello, Center Director at (908) -213-6974.


Bishop Edward T Hughes Scholarship

Life Choices, Inc. is currently accepting applications for its 2013 scholarships.  The scholarship will be awarded to an outstanding student who is also a parent.  This year the awardee will receive a $500 scholarship.


  1. Applicant must be attending or planning to attend a two- or four-year accredited college or university or vocational school, trade school, business school.
  2. Applicant must reside in the Diocese of Metuchen or have been a client of Life Choices of Phillipsburg.
  3.  Applicant must have one or more children, born or unborn.


  1. Scholarship Application
  2. Two letters of recommendation
  3. An Interview. All applicants will be required to come to Life Choices office for an interview arranged by appointment.  The interview committee will ask several questions.  The most important question will be how the applicant expects education to better the lives of their family.


All required documents including letters of recommendation must be received by the Committee by Aug 5th.  Recipients will be notified by Aug 15th 2013.  For any questions, and to recieve application please e-mail at or make request for application by mail.
Mailing address is:

Life Choices, Inc
411 S Main St
Phillipsburg, NJ 08865

A story about Life Choices appears in National Catholic Publication

The Saint Anthony Messenger May publication includes a story entittled, "Life Choices, This New Jersey center provides a lifeline for expectant mothers who
don’t know where to turn.". To read the article click below:

St Anthony Messenger Article about Life Choices

Life Choices Anniversary Celebration

175 supporters came together to celebrate Life Choices Anniversary and the many lives saved. Sunday April 21st. This year our main celebrant and homilist was Father Shenan Boquet, the President of Human Life International. Father Boquet's words were inspiring. He also endeared himself to all those in attendance by spending time speaking to Life Choices supporters at every table. Fr. Boquet was joined by several other Priests in celebrating the Holy Mass.. Seen below: Fr James McGuffy, Father Peter West, Fr Roberto Coruna, and Fr Ronald Jandernoa. We are blessed to have the support of so many good priests!

Father Boquet Priests Concelebrate

This year, the "Fat Daddies" provided musical entertainment. Life Choices' anniversary is not a fund raising event, rather a true celebration of Lives saved! We were happy to have so many young adults with us!

young people dancingFr Boquet and young adults enjoy

Joan and Bishop HughesBishop celebrates Mass
The Mass was said for the late Bishop Edward Hughes, Bishop of the diocese of Metuchen and long time member of Life Choices' Board of Advisors. These pictures of Bishop Huges were taken at past events. Seen on the left with Life Choices' Director, Joan Fasanello. Bishop Hughes has promised to continue to support the work of Life Choices with his prayers. Yet, he is greatly missed.






To see more pictures go to Life Choices Phillipsburg on Facebook or click here: facebook


During the evening Life Choices shared the video testimony of two women who came to Life Choices for help. Click below to view:


Our New Dream- Life Choices Maternity Home, Grandma.'s Housegrandma's house

Life Choices has begun the initial stages of a new and very important program!
Together we can “lay the corner stone” of a residential program that we call Grandma’s House. Grandma’s House is a place where homeless women will find care and concern combined with the structure to grow, learn and become independent. Our housing will be available for homeless women who are pregnant or who have young children and for young moms escaping domestic violence. Imagine the joy of independence these families will experience when they are able to develop and live autonomously through your generosity.
This program will provide a means to metamorphosis – a life-changing program!



Much to Celebrate

A joyful celebration! Father Peter West, Vice President of Human Life International, was the main celebrant and homilist of the Holy Mass. Joining him were several concelebrating Priests: Fr Paul Da Silva, Fr James McGuffey, Fr Van Allen Hager, and Fr Roberto Coruna as well as hundreds of Life Choices donors. 

Following the Mass we filled the Bloomsbury River View Banquet Center to capacity. Also included below are videos of  Joan Fasanello, Life Choices' Director and Shawn Carney, National Director of 40 Days for Life as they speak to the crowd.  

In Life Choices' first 12 years we have been able to assist 6,445 babies! Imagine, so many smiling babies growing and learning!  Let's work together to reach a growing number of women with life-saving help! 

Father Peter West12th Anniversary Mass

Joan Fasanellopacked roomShawn Carney


Knights of Columbus Provide Awesome Window to the Womb!

The Knights of Columbus throughout the Diocese of Metuchen worked very hard to raise the funds necessary to buy 3 new ultrasound systems. Life Choices of Phillipsburg received 2! One will be used on our Mobile Center and one in our Women's Health Center. We are so very thankful to all who donated and to the Knights for their dedication to the pro-life cause!

The system we will be using in our Health Center also allows us to view the child in 4D. (Meaning we can see a 3 dimensional picture in real-time movement) We have added two films below to give you an idea of the great effectiveness of these systems!

In the first video below you will see a 18week old fetus in 4D. Notice babies arms moving and touching his head. Baby is surrounded by the placenta.


In the next video below you will see a 8week 4 day old fetus. You will notice the heart clearly beating. Keep watching and you will be surprised to see the unborn child move in his own! Movement at such a young age!


Life Choices' Annual Fund Raising Banquet
Thursday, October 6th Was a Great Success!

This year hundreds of women will come to us, afraid and struggling with a choice.  We know that life is a precious gift from God!  Your support has made it possible to save so many precious children in the past!  Once again, Life Choices Annual Fund Raising Banquet will make it all possible! 375 individuals, committed to saving the lives of the unborn and providing women with compassionate on-going care gathered. Each donor is an important part of our winning team! We are winning the battle against abortion one precious life at at time! 

Joan Fasanello, Life Choices’ director, shared stories of the past years successes and storiesprecious lives saved!

Some of the women we have helped also shared their stories via video:



Need to do some shopping?
You can help to save lives every time you shop! Do some of your shopping online. Goodshop includes every online store I could think of! There are coupons for you and Life Choices recieves a percentage of all purchases.

Go to

GoodSearch: You Search...We Give!

click here to help Life Choices raise funds
every time you shop online or search
remember to choose Life Choices, New Jersey as your cause!

Life Choices Mobile Health Center Travels to Save Lives!

Women's mobile Health Center saves a baby!

Please pray for the success of our new Mobile Health Center. We hope to be serving the needs of an increasing number of women in surrounding communities. Our Mobile Center allows us to bring help to women in need who cannot come to our Phillipsburg Centers. Perhaps the best way for you to understand the value of this program is for me to share a story of one of the women we have been able to help.
The baby's mom called for an appointment to confirm pregnancy. Her husband, she said, was insisting she abort. She saw her baby for the first time on our mobile ultrasound screen. We promised her on-going help. We spoke about the sanctity of all human life. She left still feeling confused and overwhelmed. A few weeks later she called to schedule another appointment. It was then that she c hose life for her baby! Thanks be too God! As I told that little child's mother, "Who knows, maybe this little child growing beneath your heart will be the next Mother Teresa, maybe a famous doctor, maybe a little girl with a beautiful smile like mommy!"

We are so very thankful! Thank you so much for believing in this mobile program! Life Choices Mobile Women's Health Center is an awesome, life-saving tool!
This baby is only of many to be saved!




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